[delighted this actually turned out]

Welcome to the beginning, or should I say the end — the end of months of deliberation. Clearly decisive I am not, but it seemed about time to finally dive in. And while Mother Nature is just beginning to show us her idea of Winter… what better time to introduce myself to you, and I hope you to me? Ready or not, readers, here I go.

I have spent 20 of my nearly 25 years in school. After five years of undergrad, I came out with a BS of Nutritional Science and Dietetics. Straight from the switching of my tassel from right to left and the throwing of the cap into the air, I went on to graduate school. Midway through that ordeal I took on a Dietetic Internship. Actually I’m handing in the final portfolio this afternoon. And as of this Tuesday, the last semester of my Master’s in Public Health Nutrition is underway. May cannot get here fast enough… For better or worse, I am taking you, reader, along for the ride.

I know, you’re probably skeptical at this point. Another food blogger? Another dietitian [or nutritionist, if you’re so inclined] telling me what I should and should not eat? You have my solemn vow that this space will be nothing* of the sort. Well, it will be about food, naturally, but I’m not here to preach. Much the opposite actually. First and foremost, I live, eat and breathe food. Nothing makes me happier than planning meals, gawking at food in the markets [both indoor and out], drooling over blogs and cookbooks and food magazines, and oh yes, eating food. In fact, if you are one of the few readers who knows the real-time Heather, you know exactly how much I can go on and on… and on… about food, ingredients, meals, etc. Most likely to excess. Oh well. Deal with it.

Okay, the plan for the coming months: Complete the final four graduate courses and one field experience, continue trudging on with the Master’s thesis and hopefully finish by the end of August July September August, find a job in Wisconsin so I can move back to my hometown – in the meantime continue working here in Minnesota, sit for the board exam to become a Registered Dietitian, dutifully write to you at least once a week [I hope more], and yes, introduce my food epiphanies/disasters/pictures/stories/recipes. On a limited budget it is difficult to make fabulous dishes 24/7 or even 12/2; rather I offer you my humble noshings and random musings. Besides, there’s only so much one girl can eat! I am, however, making a conscious effort to work through the many cookbooks lined up and stacked around every corner of my studio. Be prepared for a veritable melange…

So without further ado, welcome, reader, to squirrel bread!

*Occasionally I may write about nutrition but that is certainly not the gist of my coming to you.  Besides [in full disclosure], my diet is far from perfect and I will not use this space to lecture on how to make yours such. However, if you do have any specific questions, feel free to comment or email.