I love that I am coming to you from the floor of my studio, hair uncombed, still in my flannel Packers pants [I am from Wisconsin after all]… and I know that you are not judging me. You aren’t judging me, right? Still, it’s a lovely sort of reality. Plus the wood floor is warm, being directly above the boiler. Almost makes the notion that I’ll shortly be heading out into the morning’s -11°F temperature and -23° wind chill seem less offensive. Almost.

The initial plan was to bring you a scone I recently baked. I knew it would be good – given the source – but this good? If I were standing upon first bite, I think I would have been weak-in-the-knees. It is swoon-worthy to say the least. But alas, you shall have to wait. Only a bit, you have my word.

I could not let this morning’s breakfast slip between the cracks. Not so much a recipe as a concept my parents brought back from their first trip to Hawai’i. So simple, satisfying. A rare treat in the northern parts. One that only comes along when papayas are miraculously on sale – which is what, once a year? But I digress… breakfast. Nothing needs to be exact here; it’s to your liking.

Papaya, yogurt and macadamia breakfast [serves 2 (or 1 with a reserved half)]

Printable recipe.

I used a small papaya here. If your morning hunger pangs are a bit larger, go for the big one at the market. Feel free to mix it up with the yogurt as well. I am partial to plain, cream-top whole milk yogurt, but if you prefer, low-fat and/or flavored varieties would be just as nice.

1 ripe papaya, sliced in half lengthwise, seeds discarded 
yogurt, big dollop or little dollop - use as much or as little as you like
macadamia nuts, coarsely chopped
freshly squeezed lime juice, to taste
drizzle of honey, to taste

Place one papaya half on each of two dishes. Fill halves with a couple scoops of yogurt. Top each with chopped macadamias, a squeeze of lime juice and a generous drizzle of honey. Serves with an extra wedge if lime, if desired. Enjoy!

breakfast papaya

I told you. Simple, satisfying. This calls for morning coffee.