You really are out there!

A few of you are curious: what were you doing at General Mills yesterday? Glad you asked. I met with a Senior Nutrition Scientist/Technical Food Writer at the GM Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition. [No, not a job interview.] Over the next three months, I’ll work with her and the BIHN Communications team to wrap up the final field experience for my graduate program. We discussed the objectives on both ends, brainstormed project ideas, reviewed my current writing samples, etc. Among other things, I will produce new writing samples – technical, consumer/branded, website – and she will provide feedback, ultimately improving my technique and style.

Most of my work thus far has been technical writing, e.g. scientific literature reviews. The science geek mumbo jumbo you find in professional journals. The kind of writing consumers generally do not care to read, and may not understand. I can do it, but I do not enjoy it. What I am anxious to learn are the consumer/branded and website styles of writing, e.g. the translation of scientific data/jargon into education materials and consumer information that is accessible and understandable. The snippets and one-liners on websites, cereal boxes, store banners, etc.

Excited! I’ll keep you posted if I blurb on a Betty Crocker box.


P.s. I love the comments and emails so far received from you, dear readers. Being new to this, I appreciate anything you have to offer. If there are – in the immortal words of my undergrad Bio-organic Chemistry professor [said before every lecture] – “questions, comments or concerns,” please let me know. We may agree on things, we may on disagree things… it’ll keep us on our toes. Onward and upward.