I know the weekend days are when I can rack up work hours, but today was unbearable. Sitting in my old office [recently hoisted out from under me and given to a new full-time hire… secretly taken back on weekends… shh], I was hopeless for getting anything done. The sun shining, snow melting, loppet loppet-ing – all without me there to enjoy it. By noon the temperature had soared to 39° F. A foolishly under-dressed group of teenager girls walked past the office window, tormenting me with each flail of their [goose-bumped] bare arms. Looking at the forecast only made things worse: today – high of 43°, Sunday – high of 27°, Monday and Tuesday – high of 13°. Mother Nature, you fickle woman.

So I did what any good employee would do, shut the blinds and went back to work finished the last of my soup [you must try], packed up my things and traded the eye-burning fluorescent office lights for the vitamin D-enriching afternoon sun.

The afternoon started with a few necessary errands, followed by a brief gawk at the Skirjoring Loppet race [my apologies – no pictures], and a trip to Whole Foods. Refreshed and vitamin-fortified, I arrived home in the mood to bake: partly because I have no dessert-worthy items on hand, and partly because baking means the gas oven will heat my studio.

gwams pre-bake

Have you ever had graham cracker mush? Somewhat akin to milk toast, but easier and cheaper and more processed: procure a [large] stack of graham crackers, break into large shards over a bowl, pour milk on top. Now here is where people differ. Papa – my inspiration for this – and I would let the milk soak in a bit, allowing the grahams to plump ever-so-slightly, before digging in to the delicate balance of hard and soft grahams. Others tell me they eat immediately after pouring over the milk, because they can’t tolerate soggy grahams. Others still let the grahams completely disintegrate and eat it like grits.

gwams post-bake

Recipe here

Stay tuned, dear reader… this is only the first part of my master plan for tomorrow. Until then, a bowl of graham cracker mush before bed.