You may be surprised to learn, dear reader, that one year ago bacon, butter, cream, egg yolk, mayonnaise never crossed these lips. The horror!

Or maybe it surprises you more that a dietitian is so enthusiastically singing the praises of these “taboo” foods

In undergrad we took course after course touting the facts on obesity, nutrition-related diseases, metabolism, nutrition assessment, general human nutrition… The science geek in me ate it up and memorized everything; the perfectionist thought I should, as a future nutrition professional, portray the ideal image. Being a young student trying naïvely madly to fit in added fuel to the fire. My taste buds despised me [sorry guys].

After re-introducing my estranged food loves [welcome back, friends!], I’m still conscious of what I buy and eat, but never forgo the pleasure of a food because it’s “bad” or “unhealthy.” Eating is one of life’s most basic and greatest pleasures. A few decades back that was a statement many dietitians struggled to admit, or at least properly convey. At the time, Julia Child’s opinion was spot on: “The nutritionists are ruining our food.” I’m glad to see that, for at least some of us, there’s a more liberating perception of food in general as a source of both sustenance and pleasure.

I already promised I wouldn’t use this space to preach about how you should eat. As I’m walking a fine line, I leave you with this: Surround yourself with simple, fresh, tasty food that makes you smile. Eat things in a balanced way and keep active. Take time [I mean really take time] to sit around the table [you know, that big wooden thing in the dining room], talking, eating, laughing, drinking… enjoying yourself, enjoying one another, enjoying the food. And for goodness sake, have your favorite treats now and again! Happiness and health go hand in hand.