Highlights of today’s trip:

– as always, a decadent Sebastian Joe’s soy latte, cinnamon and nutmeg dusting it’s foamy cap;

– large herds of bison, a pig farm, majestic soaring bald eagles, and a huddle of [at least 100] woolly, rain-soaked sheep!;

– an outstanding sandwich for lunch, quickly – and rather haphazardly – thrown together this morning: homemade cornmeal rosemary flatbread [found wedged at the back of the freezer], thick slice of [still] meltingly tender braised pork shoulder roast, generous slather of spicy and tart Dijon mustard, freshly cracked black pepper, mixed greens and pickled cucumber slices;

– driving in the fog and mist, or, the road to nowhere;


– watching, disconcertingly, as the ‘check engine’ light went on and off;

– quickly followed by my gas level plummeting from full to in between the full-3/4 full line in less than 30 minutes [!!];

– resulting in me crooning along with “She’s Some Kind of Wonderful” by Grand Funk Railroad, dedicating the song to my car

Well my baby, she’s alright

Well my baby, she’s clean out-of-sight

Don’t you know that she’s… she’s some kind of wonderful;

– making it home in one piece;

– albeit twenty minutes after arriving, a greeting from Bud – only two loud yowls, mostly nuzzles, then immediately back to sleep;


– moving not once, not twice, but six times: 17 boxes, 16 bags, 2 kitchen table chairs, 2 heavy winter coats, 1 garbage can and 1 clothes hamper;

– but best of all, enjoying a warm meal around the table with my dad and Sandy, at home [!!]: broccoli potato chowder, broiled garlic olive oil toasts topped with Swiss cheese, and my favorite rose, followed by a move into the family room for catching up and more wine.

Exhausted and content.