If you’re wise, you’ll go to Brennan’s hungry. The samples alone are enough to make a small meal out of. Brennan’s offers primo fruit from plums to mango to berries to citrus, pineapple to peaches to pear to melon; market-made dips and spreads and jams; bites of fresh bread and pastry; chunks of cheese of all variety [soon to be featuring the champions from the USCCC]; snacky items like pretzels, chips, crackers and sausage; and – best of all – generous servings of wines from around the world. Our favorite wine guy, Dale, hailed us over, snatching his cups and asking what we wanted first – noting he “had nothing to do with today’s selection.” Three chardonnay, two pinot noir, all drinkable. And this isn’t a one day per week thing, only available certain hours of the day… Brennan’s is always sampling.

clems and pears

A shopping trip to Brennan’s is no chore, it’s a morning destination. Better when the morning is sunny, warm and inviting. The awakening of spring in southeast Wisconsin was less than magical: cold, gray, sunless, blah. The equinox needed a redo and yesterday was it. Warm enough to sit on the patio before supper, Dad splashed together one of his famous Bombay Sapphire gin & tonics. Not aliquor fan, I usually eschew the potent drink; however I stole a sip of this one and was surprised at how pleasant I found it. Heavier on the lime juice than normal, no alcohol flavor.p10008422

To welcome [proper] spring, supper was fresh and healthy and colorful: filets of mahi-mahi with a crunchy walnut parsley thyme breadcrumb topping, steamed broccoli tossed in an orange and herb vinaigrette with orange sections, grilled crostini with olive oil. To drink, a French pinot noir with strong notes of cherry, very smooth thanks to Dad’s gurgly new toy – the Vinturi.


A delightfully light meal even Buddy enjoyed.

p1030249He stood on his hind legs next to Sandy, mewed and whimpered, then pawed her arm for fishy tidbits. She of course gave in, and he of course became camera shy the instant I tried to catch him in action. Here we were baiting him with a schnibble at the edge of the table… but he’s too smart for us.