Before now I was strictly an Americano girl. That deep dark espresso and hot water concoction, slightly bitter but offset with a glug of half & half and sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg.


But latetly my allegiances are shifting as I’ve started cozying up to lattes. These lingering damp grey mornings make a girl blue. And I don’t mean racy, off-color blue; rather when you feel like staying home all day, sulking around in your pajamas with a blanket wrapped around you, maybe watching sappy old movies. Nothing like a luxurious foam-kissed latte in an oversized mug to set things right again… if only just temporarily.

Without the luxury of a professional milk frother in my kitchen, making a latte that actually resembled a latte instead of cafe au lait seemed far-fetched. But I’ll be darned if you could stop me from trying. So through much trial and many errors I came up with two simple methods for my poor man’s latte:

1. Heat 2% milk in a saucepan over medium to medium high – careful not to burn the milk or let it overflow [talk about a disgusting mess]. When the milk begins to foam up, pour immediately over hot espresso*.


2. Pour milk into a skinny cup and rub a small whisk back and forth between your hands as fast as you can to froth – the foam won’t be much, but it works. Immediately pour over hot espresso.

Nothing fancy or special to look at – certainly no latte art here – but the poor man’s latte is extravagant and sumptuous all the same.

*From my trusty stovetop Turkish espresso maker.