I’ve never been particularly starry-eyed about Minneapolis. The “big city” as I like to call it, which usually garners looks and sneers: “This is not a big city!” News flash Minneapolitans, if you grew up in Milwaukee, it is. The horrid traffic each and every day at all hours is indicative enough.

I’ll be leaving Minne soon… as in days soon… and nostalgia is coming on hard and fast, lump in throat. My arrival here in August 2007 seems like only months ago. Now one year and eight months, endless hours of incredible exploring, one Master’s degree program*, a plethora of amazing eats & drinks and sights & sounds, and way too many mental breakdowns later, it’s time for the next chapter of my life.

The next few posts will be chock full of pictures of my favorite memories. Don’t worry, there will still be food – hopefully a recipe or two – but if you’ll permit me to reminisce a tad, I’d be very grateful!



*Picked up my cap, gown, tassel and hood today!! Dark blue and salmon??