I meant to post this days ago, but got caught up in unpacking and settling in, on top of school work, looking for jobs and studying for my RD exam. Where does the time go? Uufff.

The day after returning home I decided to whip up a simple “thank you for helping me pack, clean and move home from Minneapolis” treat for dad and Sandy. I brought home a third loaf of raisin and citron-studded panettone leftover from New Year’s Eve.* My plan: individual panettone bread puddings – adapted from [on a much smaller scale] Ina’s croissant bread pudding. The recipe was simple; wanting the puddings to be a surprise was difficult. I had to shoo both of them out of the kitchen at random points that night.


It’s amazing how leftovers can be transformed into something terrific. I took the first bite “mmm” as a sign of success.

*You’re probably thinking I’m a leaker daughter who uses four-month old bread to make dessert. Don’t worry, panettone keeps perfectly in the freezer. We usually stock up around the holidays when it’s cheap and easy to find. And besides, it’s bread pudding – you’re looking for stale bread to sop up all that custard!