Last Friday afternoon I spied a rather large box sitting on the porch outside the front door. It was addressed to me, having traveled all the way from Pensacola, Florida. Eee!! I brought it into the foyer, ripped the packing tape off and dug in. He’d sent me every ingredient [minus butter and eggs] and the instructions to bake the much-praised New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies! Each in a separate jar or bag – he even chunked up the bulk chocolate.


No sooner had I brought everything into the kitchen did I start mixing the ingredients for the dough. The original recipe makes a whopping 1 1/2 dozen 5″ cookies. Positive our home of three wouldn’t be able to eat all 90″ of cookie in an adequate time period, I halved the recipe. A cinch to whip up; not so cinchy to cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 24 to 36 [or up to 72] hours! Especially with disks of dark chocolate and shards of even darker chocolate peeking out alluringly… only a desire to see what all the fuss was about kept my fingers away from the contents of the bowl.

Approximately 32 hours later, while the sleet was tap-tapping on our windows, a tray of four ice cream scoop dough balls topped with kosher salt went into the preheated oven. Seventeen minutes of baking and ten [okay, eight – who can wait that long for a cookie whose enticing aroma has permeated the entire house?] minutes of cooling per the recipe’s behest…


…warm and gooey [hand-sized!] treats were enjoyed with a glass of milk and the end of The Sound of Music.

One of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes I’ve made or eaten. Not necessarily the “consummate” cookie, as David Leite suggests, but certainly among the chocolate chip cookie elite.


The large size allows for a distinct balance of texture and flavor. A crispy perimeter, the bite softening as you work toward the center – a gooey, tender oasis of barely cooked dough and fudginess. The salt crystals on top adding a subtle and unexpected nuance, enhancing the flavor of the three chocolates.

My only comment for next time – blasphemy[??] – less chocolate. I am one of the strange people who hunts for the chocolate chip cookies in the batch that appear to have the fewest chips. I’ll even go so far to say that I’m more a fan of my mom’s chocolate chipless cookies than chocolate chip*.

Bring on the backlash!

p.s. I still loved them! Thank you!!!

*I am NOT referring here to these chocolate chip cookies in particular. These and mom’s are in entirely different leagues – completely different ends of the chocolate chip cookie spectrum. In general, I like fewer chocolate chips. For gourmet chocolate chip cookies, these are it.