Some people’s idea of “friendly spam” is the random animal photo montages or those long stories with tear-jerking pictures and great morals at the end. I generally hit delete [no offense], unless I’m in the mood to coo at baby animals or weep. My idea of “friendly spam” is right up my alley; however, it’s probably annoying to everyone else.

I send my family, friends, boyfriend recipes. Lots and lots of recipes. Mostly they’re tossed away into cyberspace trash following a quick glance. But sometimes they stick.

A few months ago I put this link in an email headed to Pensacola. The next morning, I was regaled with memories of his morning Dutch baby feast. I think the newfound delicacy became his breakfast of choice for nearly a week. It’s a cinch to throw together and you can work on other things while it bakes. And really, who wouldn’t enjoy eating one? Pull off a hunk from the edge and dip it into the butter [or syrup] pool in the middle, then finish the fallen center with your fork. A cozy and comforting way to start the day.

Since I’d requested a send-off Dutch baby the last visit but was too flu-ish to stomach it, he offered to bake me a welcome back Dutch baby instead.

#1: Molly’s friend Jimmy’s “butter mishap” db [without the lemon sugar syrup]


Upon devouring the baby in its entirety, we were in need of a brisk hike at Tarkiln Bayou State Park.


The infamous and elusive pitcher plant [S. leucophylla]!


An out of focus shot thanks to the delicate flowers swaying wildly in the wind.

Hang on… you didn’t think we had just one Dutch baby, did you? Please.

#2 – proper Jimmy’s db [with the lemon sugar]


If you had a crème brûlée torch, I could imagine sprinkling the lemon sugar on top and caramelizing it for an extra crispy treat.

#3 – cinnamon apple db, served with new batch New Hampshire maple syrup

the apples look like bacon... wait for it...

A strong hit of spice in each bite. Thin Pacific Rose apple slices glazed in butter and cinnamon, baked into the db – extras piled on top [it’s not bacon… yet…], and a light drizzle of fresh pure maple syrup.

#4 – two cheese & bacon db [his own concotion]

P1030594P1030596Incredibly flavorful, uncomfortably filling. Walked it off with a serious hike in the blaring sun and 80+ degrees at Big Lagoon State Park.