… and best friend – my mom.

For a Mother’s Day feast, my sister and I picked up four filets, two globe artichokes, several on-the-vine orange tomatoes and a mini baguette.

We par-boiled the ‘chokes, then quartered and brushed each with a mixture of lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper before placing on the grill to slightly char. The baguette sliced lengthwise was brushed with the remaining artichoke marinade, then tossed on the grill as well.

Meanwhile, Rachel heated her grill pan and cooked the filets to medium-rare perfection. Sliced tomatoes topped with salt and freshly cracked black pepper rounded out the meal.


To dip the artichoke [and bread and steak], I mixed up a concotion of melted butter, smashed garlic, chopped fresh dill, salt and pepper. Oh baby!!

An all-around spectacular afternoon!


Happy Mother’s Day to a gold-star mom. I love you!

[Sorry we didn’t bring you any chocolate.]