After a spicy Asian shrimp dinner accompanied by glasses of Riesling, Heather and I were craving something sweet. I ambled over to the fridge to take stock of ingredients and look for inspiration. Right in front of me was the half block of cream cheese left over from smoked salmon bagels. Inspiration!

The obvious ideas of cheesecake and cheesecake brownies came up, but unfortunately, the four ounces of cream cheese wasn’t nearly enough to make either. (And for some unbeknownst reason, she doesn’t like brownies?!!) Then I suggested NYT(CC)CCC* – New York Times Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies. Heather wasn’t too confident about my idea. Challenge accepted!!

Before I could heed her warning that cream cheese and butter probably aren’t one to one substitutes, the KASM** was tearing through the cold cream cheese and rock hard butter, forcefully combining them with the sugars (and cinnamon she begged me to add). Who needs softening when you have 600 Watts of pure mixing power at your disposal?!

I think her opinion started to change as the smooth and delicious mixture took shape – slightly softer than normal NYTCCC dough. After eyeballing to get what I thought was the right amount of flour, the chips went in. One final mix and I eagerly started plopping it onto parchment lined baking sheets. The smell of cookies baking was the first promising sign that this was actually going to work.

The first timer went off and I opened the oven, my first thought being one of disappointment. I was expecting huge, flat cookies. Instead what I saw were huge, puffy “cookies.” Heather was hovering behind me and I think her initial reaction was nearly the complete opposite of mine. “Oh my! I love puffy cookies!” After 4-5 minutes of extra baking time the cookies were ready to come out, cool for a lengthy 23 seconds, and then find their ways into our bellies.

The cookies were good, but they weren’t nearly my favorite.


I did like the spikes…


No one could resist this. Especially not us.

A great thing about the NYTCCC recipe is that it makes so much dough, you inevitably have some left to bake off later in the week. We needed another fix only two days later.

The dough was much softer and easier to work with the second go around. They baked for the exact same amount of time as the first batch, but this time the cookies were pale and smooth. Prettier, I think.


But the most enjoyment I got from this recipe was seeing my number one skeptic gleefully gobble them down.

*After modifications, you could barely call these cookies NYTCCC’s third cousin.

**Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer