Every season in Wisconsin brings with it a new perspective. The flora and fauna change, the daylight schedule changes, our mind set and clothes change, and to follow suit, the food we’re provided with and crave changes.

Spring has crept its way back into our homes, yards and farmers markets.


The market of markets in Wisconsin [as I’ve mentioned once before] is the Dane County Farmer’s Market, held every Saturday – rain or shine. Last Saturday my dad, Sandy and I made an impromptu visit. The forecast showed rain early in the morning with skies clearing by 11 and temperatures hovering in the mid 50s. Well the weatherman was one for three: we were heavily shrouded by grey clouds and the temperature barely passed 50º. At least no rain!

Early May offers a smattering of local treasures.


To fresh produce and farmstead Wisconsin cheeses.


Exotic mushrooms at a bargain or for the big spenders.


A plethora of leafy greens: arugula, bibb, spinach, watercress, romaine, mâche, leaf lettuce, stinging nettles.

“Have you had your arugula today? Here, have a sample. Good, right? So how much can I give you? Just one bag? Alright, that’ll be $2.00. Do you want your change or should I put it on credit for next week?”

This guy was a riot.

And as always, people watching.


Finally worn from hunger, the squeaky white cheese curds and samples along the way unable to hold us, we made our way down State Street.


We kept with tradition and had gyros at The Parthenon!

A bit chilly and one of our shorter days at the market, but all in all another perfect Saturday morning in Madison!