Ramps [wild leeks] are a beloved delicacy we look forward to each Spring. Ramp season is usually April through May; find them early in the season and the bulbs as well as the tender green leaves are edible. If you’ve never had a ramp, the taste and aroma is a pleasant combination of onion and garlic.

1.5 Weeks in MF 015We bought some last year and made a market produce frittata. This year we wanted to showcase the ramps themselves.

P1030751Ramp pizza with mozzarella and Grana Padano. A combination of these recipes. Inspired by an episode of No Reservations wherein Anthony gobbled down loads of freshly grilled calçots [green sprouted onions] drenched in Romesco sauce, I suggested we blanch and flash-grill the ramps. So ragged it’s gorgeous?

We snarfed it down then sat quietly staring at the empty cutting board, longing for more. From now on we’ll make two.