Before supper at the Muddy Pig, Mom and Rachel surprised me with a goodie bag from the Mississippi Market across the street. Inside was Sally Jackson raw goat cheese wrapped in grape leaves, a wedge of my beloved Roquefort [no longer suffering a 300% tarriff] and a Bumble Bar.

DSCF0237Top quality cheese makes any sandwich shine, especially one that would’ve been great to begin with. Sally Jackson goat cheese, avocado, freshly cracked black pepper, tomato and arugula on toasted Seeduction* bread.

I adore goat cheese and this is no exception. Underneath its gorgeous leaf-wrapping the medium-soft cheese is subtle, earthy [terroir?], buttery and tangy. Coming from Mom who rarely eats cheese unless it’s melted on or in something, and Rachel who thinks goat cheese tastes like a cross between foot and barn, this is an undeniable gem.


Plump early summer Bing and Rainier cherries a splurge from Brennan’s.

*I need to try Caviar & Codfish’s recipe for homemade Seeduction!