Dad and Sandy took a very special detour to Dragon Star Oriental Foods in St. Paul before heading home from my graduation. Among a full shopping cart of Asian goodies* was a fresh knob of galangal, several lemongrass stalks, Kaffir lime leaves and fresh Shiitake mushrooms for a specific purpose.

If you’ve been following me here, you might remember Shrimp Tom Kha. The traditional version is Tom Kha Gai** made with tender strips of chicken breast.


Like I’ve said before, this soup is surprisingly simple yet ridiculously delicious.  

Addition [to pot] 1: lemongrass, fresh galangal, Kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk and chicken broth

Addition 2: thin strips of chicken breast and serrano pepper

Addition 3: brown sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and Shiitake mushrooms

Toppings: scallion chiffonade and cilantro leaves

DSCF0235I cannot get enough of this soup, I really can’t.

For a more elegant Asian side dish we had a braised bok choy and carrot salad with snow peas, bean sprouts, cilantro with a kicky sesame ginger dressing.

DSCF0232The half bottles of Riesling and Wollersheim Prairie Fumé in the refrigerator actually were spot-on matches for this strongly flavored, semi spicy meal.

*Goodies that will likely pop up in coming posts… so stay tuned!

**Our recipe to come in a few days.