1. If this weather doesn’t cooperate, I may never get my garden planted.

2. Did I mention I still haven’t finished my Master’s thesis project? Yes I graduated, but UMN gives you years to finish it – a dangerous carrot to dangle in front of me! So in the interest of expediency, I’ve decided to capitalize on my unemployment and devote 8-10a to my project. It’s now 8:47a. Oops?

3. Happy birthday to my favorite sister. As driven as they come with a heart to match, Rach is never afraid to speak her mind, terrible at cutting bangs and driving Red Flyer wagons, sarcastic and hysterical, a Segway extraordinaire and future co-owner of a deliciously fabulous bakery café. She’ll never settle for a life less than the good life; something I envy and admire about her.


Here’s to the first and greatest of your annual 29th birthdays! I can’t wait to see what you conquer next… Much love!