Because Sandy’s parents have never eaten Indian food, she thought it would be fun to invite them over for an introductory meal. [And to say farewells, without twelve other family members vying for our attention.]

Of course we stuck to the milder, less ‘in-your-face’ Indian dishes – no curried goat or rasam that might make their ears spout flames.

Several years back, after Dad went to India, Sandy took cooking classes with the now famous cookbook author Alamelu Vairavan The three of us really embraced the food and the culture.

Madras Potato Poriyal. This dish includes a whole array of different seasonings – turmeric, cumin, bay, black mustard seeds, urad dal and cayenne; yet they’re so light and fragrant that you still get to appreciate the potato, tomato and onion.

DSCF0234Exquisitely-spiced Indian-spiced turkey breasts marinated in a mixture of yogurt, lemon and spices. Similar to tandoori chicken, the yogurt not only tenderizes the turkey but also lends a mellow, slighty tangy flavor.


Cucumber and tomato yogurt salad is colorful and refreshing. The cool and mild from the veg and yogurt dressing is kicked up by a bit of heat from diced green pepper and freshly cracked black pepper hitting you in the back of your throat.

I think we have two converts!