The first few days in our new apartment were as to be expected.

Hectic, stressful, cluttered.

There were fire ants [and fire ant bites], staining unfinished wood furniture on the patio in the blazing and unwavering sun, self-installation of our new washer and dryer, piecing together IKEA furniture, figuring out where to put everything, Texas beer tastings and more fast/fried food than I’ve had in years.

Worth it.

In no particular order, because the days ran all ran together, we* ate/drank [at]:

+ many fried egg sandwiches on English muffins and toast – really, how can you get sick of this?!

Whataburger me with the classic Whataburger ‘all the way’; the guys with a double meat/double cheese/bacon/jalapeño burger, a bacon cheese Whataburger, fries, a vanilla shake and a chocolate malt

Chick-fil-A apparently we don’t have these in WI anymore, so the boys wanted to try it – cute schtick with the cows but meh, nothing special

+ grilled fresh Gulf shrimp marinated in fiery lemongrass-chili sambal atop white rice, with more sambal on the side

Lone Star the ‘National Beer of Texas’

Taqueria Jalisco after chips and salsa, I decided on a bowl of Caldo de Res with avocado and handmade corn tortillas – the soup aromatic and undeniably authentic, the tortillas thick, rustic; the guys had Flautas de Pollo and Carne al Pastor with charro beans

+ chorizo and caramelized onions on bolillo rolls with homemade guacamole and tortilla chips

Shiner Hefeweizen

+ more grilled fresh Gulf shrimp over an avocado and grapefruit salad

oven baked tuna with a savory topping of breadcrumbs, cured olives, tomato, capers, chillies and basil with grilled nectarines

lemon poppy burgers with slaw and potato crisps [our version below made with turkey and sesame seeds – we’re still building the kitchen]


Rosie’s Tamales a dozen spicy chicken to share

Mexican brownies made by my chocolate and dessert-loving boyfriend – what’s this… have I found a brownie I actually like?

Garlic vinegar chicken with artichoke – blue cheese orzo and Shoofly Shiraz

+ Ina’s guacamole salad with cucumber and tossed greens

focaccia with tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts and Panela Fresca


I’ll regale you with photos and tales from our FL to TX traverse, and hopefully get back into the groove of regular postings shortly. Bear with me a bit longer!

*Myself, my boyfriend [six months today] and his good friend from college track