Fresh Gulf shrimp.

Cheap fresh Gulf shrimp.

DSCF0209Hosting my parents for the first time at our new apartment called for a special home-cooked meal. Jumbo head-ons caught that morning, bought from Port “A” Seafood. Yellow squash bought at the Taos Farmer’s Market a few days earlier, was flash sautéed in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, onion and rosemary. In hopes of extra juicy shrimp, toasted ciabatta wedges were served alongside to sop up any flavor that may be left on our plates. A bottle of Riesling for the table.

I’d say it was pretty special, and certainly the best shrimp we’ve ever eaten.

DSCF0211The next night they took us out for supper at Blackbeard’s on the Beach – an unassuming waterside eatery with fantastic food. Around the table we drank bottles of beer and dined on cioppino, blackened barramundi [x2] and the garlicky fresh catch special with scallops, blue crab claw meat, shrimp and fish.

Last night, our first night alone at home in over a week, we threw cioppino leftovers together with brown rice, sautéed squash, onions, bell pepper and tomato, Creole seasonings, boudin sausage and more fresh shrimp for a quick weeknight jambalaya.

It may not have been ultra traditional, but it was darn good jambalaya!