Whatever the proper colloquialism, we had a lot of it on our trek moving everything and ourselves from Pensacola to Corpus. To be honest we only ate at barbecue restaurants twice, but meager portions are not allowed in Texas. If you order meat, you’re getting some serious meat.

Our first adventure was at Hinze’s Bar-B-Q in Wharton, TX, tucked next to a deserted truckstop along the side of Highway 59. It was picture perfect. And I didn’t have my camera. Argh! Just think of the most stereotypical roadside restaurant, catering to hungry ranchers and truckers, serving up meat by the pound and all the southern sides you can imagine, complete with mile-high lemon and chocolate meringue pies cooling on the counter. It’s worth driving back for some day!

Next up: Bad Brad’s BBQ Joint. Barbecued beef brisket served with white bread, cowboy beans and green beans for me; the boys each got the three meat combo lunch served on butcher paper with a big block of cheddar cheese and two slices of white/wheat bread – one order with hot links, pork ‘lion’ and smoked sausage, and the other with brisket, chicken and smoked sausage.

Uncleaned plates, or papers, are wrong. Wiping it entirely clean preferred.

Bad Brad's BBQ Joint 4 Barbecue joints are on nearly every corner here [and a smoker sits on our patio]; I don’t think I’ll ever be left with an unsatisfied craving again.

*Thanks to Luke for the use of his camera!