Our beautiful Santa Fe morning began with an invigorating hike at the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary 7500 feet above sea level. Bear Canyon trail leads you deep within the Santa Fe River Canyon, and affords great views of the Santa Fe National Forest and SF River Watershed. This area is called the Land of Enchantment; when you’re here, you can clearly see why.


Back at the trailhead, just beyond the stores and offices, lies a hidden garden filled with native plants and hummingbirds. Truly a sight to see.

DSCF0080Upper Canyon Road is melange of mostly overpriced galleries and eateries. And one adorable, skiddish Russian gallery cat.

Beautiful, yes, but we felt a little out of place among the jewel-dripping, Bentley-driving art lovers, and artwork selling for upwards of $150,000. Excuse the stereotype – there were loads of other sightseers as well, but we were the youngest by a longshot.


Lunch at La Choza brought us back to reality with great New Mexican cuisine. We shared avocado fish tacos, spicy green chile posole and hot from the fryer sopaipillas drizzled with honey.


Downtown Santa Fe is almost the exact opposite of Upper Canyon Road. The central plaza and its surrounding historic disricts are filled with touristy shops and vendors, grand architecture, street performers and food carts.

DSCF0109Turquoise Trail Scenic By-Way is the best route to travel from Sante Fe to Taos. Great views of the Rio Grande River, including a group of kayakers purposely tipping their kayaks in the rapids to practice righting themselves.



Twenty miles outside Taos, we stopped at a picnic area alongside the highway to take in an unforgettable sunset.