Palo Duro Canyon State Park is America’s second-largest canyon, and it’s located in the heart of the Texas northern plains. Who knew?

The Lighthouse Trail sign warns you of the following: “High Heat Danger, 6 Mile Round Trip: 1 Gallon of water per person or pet, Sun Protection Essential! Do not attempt if you have medical problems”


As we began to hike the current weather conditions were 110° F, bright and unwavering sun.


The water status wasn’t any more promising, with 16 fl oz… to share. Uh oh.

DSCF0192Exhausted, hearts pounding, mouths parched – we made it! On a ledge in the shade we caught our breath, drank rationed sips of water, reveled in the openness, and prepared ourselves for going down, which promised to be dicier than the trek up.


Hiking time: approximately two hours. I think I can now introduce him to PDC’s older and grander sister We’ll be better prepared then, twin Camelbaks filled.

An ad-lib lunch of leftover Italian bread, Torta Serena cheese, banana and apple was surprisingly enough to hold us over until we arrived in Lubbock for wine tastings/tours x 3:

Pheasant Ridge Winery

Lllano Estacado Winery

Cap*Rock Winery

Private tours at Pheasant Ridge and Cap*Rock with the winemaker and owners’ son, respectively; just missed the tour at Llano. Very generous, free tastings at all three!