Jamie Oliver style

Calzones can envelop almost anything. In truth, making calzones [or pizza] is a great way to clean out the refrigerator. However, we often tend to be overzealous and need to remind ourselves that less is more. Especially when it comes to filling dough headed into a 500º F oven. That can get messy.

DSCF0002-1Armed with a previously frozen ball of our trusty KASM pizza dough we were able to make quick work of the calzones. We didn’t stray too far from Jamie’s recipe, except to replace the tomato sauce with a chopped roma tomato and add fresh Gulf shrimp. Before placing on the preheated pizza stone, our calzones got an olive oil massage and generous grating of the latest fromajolie Australian Romantina cheese.

Oh baby! Between every steaming mouthful we couldn’t help but discuss the deliciousness of these calzones. The butter and shrimp, we believe, are what made us keep saying ‘wow.’ Next time, fresh mozzarella slices and crushed red pepper flakes. And perhaps a double batch, freezing two for in-a-hurry meals!