Not a salad entirely of bacon – but frankly, one such would be delicious; rather a barley and veg salad including bacon, cooked in bacon grease. You with me?

Michael Chiarello, aside from being a food, wine and style magnate, knows how to keep me coming back for more. Every recipe I try is wonderful, every new recipe he debuts looks even better. While home in WI I’d regularly tuck in to catch him at work on his Food Network show, Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello – although he always looks like he’s enjoying himself rather than working. On Monday I was lucky enough to catch the show when he made this Roasted Barley Salad with Bacon & Vegetables I’m weak over grain salads, and anything cooked in bacon automatically earns brownie points [bacon points?].

I made, we ate, it’s nearly gone. So good. Especially with a sprinkling of feta and a hefty grinding of black pepper.


On to supper and the very non-local seafood. North Atlantic sea scallops.

He’s had this dish buried in his recipes binder for some time [another Michael original!]. It calls for baby bay scallops, but he’s been wanting to try it for some time. Besides, we had every other ingredient. The thought of making ceviche with golf ball-sized scallops kind of freaked me out, so we sautéed them first in half butter, half olive oil.


After one or two [or three] HIMYMs we’ll try our very first homemade frozen creation burnt sugar vanilla custard. What a food day!