Funny thing about Minnesota’s School of Public Health program: a student can walk at commencement and technically graduate without completing his or her thesis project. [That’d be me.] In fact, students have a maximum of NINE years to submit and orally defend. Great, right? No!! I thrive on deadlines, knowing exactly when I need to submit my work – this is driving me batty!

My project is a scientific literature review analyzing the critical points of current knowledge to answer the question: “In overweight and obese women with anovulatory infertility, can diet- and/or exercise-induced weight loss improve fertility?” [In grad school, the longer the title the better… apparently.]

Foodie 017Okay, you got me – this is my studio in Minneapolis and the droppings of my last scientific literature review, but I wanted a visual representation of the madness. [That middle document with the purple sticky note is one of many pages riddled with teeny tiny handwritten notes.] The only difference now is that I’m strewn across the loveseat and a collapsible wooden TV table. Random breaks for sweets, milk, coffee are ongoing. It helps. Trust me.

Long story short, I wanted to let you know that I may be posting less frequently in the next few weeks, as I attempt to trudge through and finish by August 31. Onward! Keep in touch.