I’ve had my eye on this recipe since the day I first flipped through this issue of Gourmet, hot off the presses in April of last year.

Right now I’m preparing wild Yukon keta salmon, also known as chum. Straight from Sun Harvest the fish was a pale delicate pink, and smelled like the sea, not fishy at all. Roasting away in the oven is a mixture of carrots and beets dressed with olive oil, grapefruit and orange juice, salt, pepper, garlic and tarragon.


Our generous fillet was cooked just right. Not too rare at the center but still moist, only just flaking when stuck with a fork. The tangy balsamic-onion glaze brings out the sweetness of this crisp-crusted salmon, the whole bite melting in your mouth. Five ingredients – I omitted the sugar – and packed with flavor!

We really liked it. We ate every last mouthful. And those beets, he said I could make them again!