Corpus Christi, Texas has been called the Kite-Surfing Capital of the World, Redfish Capital of the World and America’s Birdiest City. With a close proximity to the Mexican border and 64 percent of the population being of Hispanic decent, it’s no wonder the local flavor is somewhat adventurous.

And you can’t swing a dead cat [I assure you, I adore cats] in Corpus Christi without hitting a Mexican restaurant. Most eateries dish up a distinctive blend of fresh seafood and Mexican food, including seafood enchiladas, menudo, puffy tacos, posole, tamales, barbacoa and carne guisada.

DSC01747Mexican ingredients, by no surprise, are delightfully inexpensive at the grocery, so we’re always well-stocked.

This afternoon for lunch I decided to throw together Corpus-inspired shrimp avocado quesadillas with hot sauce laced cream cheese to top. I also shucked two ears of corn for a dish that’s becoming something of a regular around here. Kernels of freshly-roasted corn, yellow and red bell peppers red onion, lime juice, dried oregano and fresh basil, serrano pepper, olive oil and salt. Refreshing, seasonal, crisp, savory and sweet. An exquisite taste of summer.

The day was sunny, the apartment was quiet. The meal – delicious. I owe it all to the bounty of Corpus.