It’s been some week – work, study, study, work, study. Overjoyed to see the weekend. I didn’t have the time or energy to post much, so here’s a recap. Many of our meals weren’t particularly attractive. But guaranteed everything was comforting and delicious.

Pan Bagnat panzanella with toasted pumpernickel.

DSC01787Romantina river trout fillets with ears of white corn and canteloupe.

DSC01788Grilled grassfed rib-eye steaks with roasted garlic smushtomato and onion salad a la Peter Luger, and Moroccan spiced, garlicky hedgehog potatoes

Smoked sausage and pepper heroes on toasted bolillos.


Green chilli pork posole.


A loaded baked English omelet for breakfast this morning – scallions, leftover green chillies, cheddar cheese, tomato, bacon and of course, eggs. I can delightedly report that we polished off the entire masterpiece.


We also gobbled up smoked turkey enchiladas with red chile sauce, steak and blue cheese sandwiches on butter-flake rolls, hoisin-chilli pork stir fry and beat the heat with pistachio gelato chocolate chipless cookie sandwiches.

Tonight we dine on pizza, then off to meet his friends for backyard margaritas and snacks on a hot, south Texas evening.