I’m sorry. Yet another bread salad. This time a riff on Lebanese Fattoush


Traditional ingredients were the radish, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, bread [or pita] and green onions. Extras thrown in for good measure were avocado, and chunks of aged Irish cheddar for him and shaves of Romantina for me, generously coated with his quick olive oil-balsamic vinaigrette.

Lunch went off without a hitch. Supper is another story.

Ever have those times when you feel like your head is in the clouds? Tonight that was me.

I realized my first blunder upon pulling the black pepper-lemon popovers out of the oven. “Why so flat?” One sideways glance at the recipe made me wince — I forgot to add the flour.

Gaffe number two came after peeling open the foil packet, admiring my handiwork and taking a bite of a very al dente green bean. The herb and lemon-coated flounder, carrots, red onion and mushrooms cooked to perfection, but the green beans were nearly as snappy as they are raw. I should’ve blanched them first.


He swears up and down that it was great. God love him. I have to admit that it was still more than edible, almost good.

I’m a perfectionist, but like he says: “Live and learn, and enjoy your culinary missteps!”