The latest adventure with the smoker found us hot-smoking a full side of Alaskan sockeye salmon using alder wood. But that [and potatoes mashed with peas, pearl onions and lemon] were last night for supper.

So that brings us to this morning and the advantage of cooking a side of salmon for two: the inevitable leftover portion. I planned to make a frittata for lunch, chock full of tomatoes, basil and cheese. A trip to the refrigerator for the eggs reminded me of the salmon, and of a Giada recipe I’d seen last week. I improvised and I think it turned out pretty tasty with spinach in lieu of arugula, and with the addition of chopped scallions.

DSC01886It was a beautiful sight – the pink and green popping up amidst the yellow of the eggs. Perfectly crisp underneath. Light and healthy, brown and bubbly.

Cut into large wedges, I mounded the frittata high on homemade sourdough whole wheat english muffins spread with cream cheese. Were it cold outside, this would be just the thing to entice you from a warm bed to the table.

DSC01891It was awfully nice to wake up to this.