I was excited to make maque choux for supper last night, until he pointed out that the only two reviews were 1 star-rated pans. Good catch. In the mood for Cajun eating and shrimp already thawed, I debated playing with the recipe based on the comments. I hit the Internet for some ideas and instead came away with a recipe for a 4.5 star-rated shrimp étouffée

A rich, almost buttery-tasting broth, loaded with fresh vegetables, shrimp and brown rice. It’s a true Cajun-style dish, based on dark roux and the holy trinity of onions, celery and bell pepper, featuring other characteristic seasonings: parsley, bay leaf, scallions and cayenne pepper. Big, beautiful shrimp being as wonderful as it is down here, we’ll file this recipe away as one for company.


We ate it all — except the bay leaf — wishing we’d made more. The only changes for next time will be to add a blob of tomato paste to the liquid, and toss in a couple cloves of garlic and minced parsley before the shrimp and scallions. Possibly try cooking the rice with the rest of the dish to absorb all that great flavor. [Recommended by a true Louisianan who also made the dish.]

Simple equals brilliant.