Game day on the couch means food that can be eaten without multiple pieces of silverware or the chance of completely mucking up the living room. Thank you Jamie Oliver for his version of fiery dan-dan noodles and the frozen slice of brisket in the freezer!

It’s a simple throw-together meal. Bok choy and broccoli are blanched in the same pot as boiling noodles, the trio then tossed with thin strips of beef, honey, soy sauce, garlic, my favorite chilli sauce a knife-tip-ful of Sichuan chilli paste, scallions and cilantro. Lime juice squeezed on top tames the fire and brings it all together.


The afternoon break in the action allowed for prep of supper’s Brazilian beer-marinated chicken

As the chicken sizzled away, I threw together a batch of Deb’s cantaloupe salsa added some grilled avocado, and warmed a few homemade corn tortillas to finish out the meal.

DSC01953Growing up with beer and onion-soaked brats on the grill, this recipe spoke to us. It smelled amazing in the marinade and tasted all the better. Succulent, juicy and screaming with flavor. Deb’s salsa was spot on. A great side dish to the chicken. He made little tacos with everything, while I was happy to sop up the juices with my tortillas.

What’s game day — a winning game day — without a sweet ending?! An incomplete one if you ask me. So a-baking I would go.

Orange cinnamon [hazelnut] biscotti from Fannie Farmer


Orange and cinnamon and butter [toasted nuts] — reminds me of Christmas. Anything that reminds me of Christmas wins major points, but these are also really, really, really tasty. Perfect dipped in milk or coffee.

p.s. I’ve added the recipe for Portobello Swiss Burgers