It’s a good thing he ran late at work today — I had an extra 20 minutes to finish cooking. Usually I’m not this elaborate for lunch, but I’ve had stuffed peppers on my mind for a long time. Being in Texas puts some kind of a fire into a girl’s heart, and a craving into her stomach. Poblanos, corn and queso fresco all on sale at the market this week? A sign to dig out my recipe if ever there were one.

In this meatless version black beans, queso fresco, corn and mushrooms meld together with the creamy millet as it breaks down when cooked. Each pepper exudes flavors straight from the Mexican kitchen. Sweet, tangy and earthen.


Poblanos may lose what little heat they had during cooking, but here they regain it almost entirely by absorbing the chipotle sauce. The extra queso fresco on top and tomato-avocado salad help mellow the heat, and make for a soul-satisfying lunch.

Martha’s piquant stuffed poblanos in chipotle sauce for lunch — it’s a good thing.