What I did was promise to post more about that pan of chewy brown butter blondies What I failed to do was take more photos before we polished them off! Argh.

Suffice it to say they were so good, they disappeared in three days. I’m a sucker for brown butter, and now I think he is too.

Few things say Autumn more to me than squash. The multi-colored, knobbly — sometimes warty — fruits of Fall; the unsung heroes of the season. Let me indulge you with our three-day squash jag.

I grew up adoring acorn squash cooked with lots of butter and brown sugar. Still a love affair, in fact, but it was time to mix it up with honey hot pepper carnival squash. A spicy sweet patchwork of colors and flavors. It won’t replace the original, but it’s nice to have a clever alternative.

DSC02047Fall in pasta dish. Cubes of acorn squash and red onion slices are caramelized in butter and olive oil. A few handfuls of roughly chopped spinach are quickly wilted in, followed by semi-soft chevre, slivered basil, toasted chopped walnuts and cooked cavatappi at the last minute. Give it a good stir, dish into bowls and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. We topped with grated Emmentaler.

DSC02053And to use the last of our current stash, I threw a few roasted, cayenne-dusted acorn squash shaves atop Michael Chiarello’s Autumn Panzanella

DSC02055This last recipe in particular is a real winner. I swapped fennel for celery heart, and added the shaved acorn squash. The sautéed onion dressing is a find, and will probably make many more appearances. Both of us were very impressed.

You can never have too much squash!