From a quick Google search it appears almost every region of the world has their own variety of doughnut. [I’ll take a Cameroonian puffpuff and a savory Hungarian lángos.] Growing up on those bought from the grocery store bakery, and subsequently working for five years in that very same environment, I never once thought of doughnuts as ‘worldly.’ Did you?

I really shouldn’t tell you this, but when I think of doughnuts I hear Homer in my head. Unsophisticated as it may be, he’s right — mmmm, doughhhnuttts!

When I worked at the bakery, I ate a lot of [free] doughnuts the first few months. Put a high school kid in a bakery, a never-ending pit for food, and you better watch your product. Doughnut here, doughnut there… Woof. These days I hardly glance twice at doughnuts and rarely crave them.

We were going through our recipes for a new dessert idea and came across these He’d made them once before to rave reviews. I haven’t had a doughnut since I can’t remember when — it was time. Bonus: they’ll be dessert AND breakfast.

The holes were cut out with the cap from a bottle of liqueur. It works!


Half the dough, already cut out, is resting in our freezer, waiting for a warm oven and our greedy fingers. This entire batch was dipped in melted butter and then coated in cinnamon sugar; next time I’m thinking a couple plain, some will get maple sugar, some vanilla sugar, maybe a powdered sugar hole or two, or possibly a maple icing.

DSC02292We spent the better part of the morning preparing and then enjoying our twinkling yeasty doughnuts. A treat for the eyes and the mouth!