Busy. Nerve-wracking. Exciting. To sum up the week, a couple of photos…

DSC02441Chicken thighs braised in Cabernet enriched with homemade “bird stock” [chicken + turkey], tomato, celery, onion, garlic, green olives, and rosemary; served over creamy polenta. Simple, tasty, warm.

Then, my first Marine Corps ball. You’ve never seen more attractive, uniformed men gathered together in one room! It’s basically a giant birthday party A party for prestige, tradition and discipline, as well as letting loose and enjoying each others company irregardless of rank. What a trip!


Mind you, makeup, fancy clothes and I usually stay far, far away from each other. To be honest, I haven’t had an occasion to get this dressed up since prom; I think I cleaned up alright.

Aside from the ceremony portion, the main event was eating. A. lot. of. eating. Perfectly medium rare sirloin with a shallot demi-glace. Chicken with a spinach, pine nut and feta topping drowned in béchamel. Bacon-wrapped asparagus and roasted red pepper bundles. Cheesy potato pavé And slices of rich berry-topped NY style cheesecake. It wouldn’t be a Texas affair without iced tea, and I’m told it wouldn’t be a Marine affair without free beer.

I’m full just thinking about it.