Even though my head was throbbing [and has been for days], I had a dose of inspiration this morning.

Why? Because we finally watched “Julie & Julia”. It’s wonderful! The larger than life presence of my beloved Julia shines through — a sweet and strong woman with a passion for good food, good times and her adoring husband. If only I could meet my idol for a meal in postwar Paris, I thought to myself at one point in a state of rapture.

So with my our extra dose of gastronomic inspiration, he and I attempted homemade gnocchi. Sweet potato gnocchi generously doused with a warm maple cinnamon brown butter sauce, courtesy of Meet Me in the Kitchen

The final sweet potato pillows, albeit uneven and a bit mangled by our fumbling fingers, were dreamy. A tad dense — probably due to too much flour and/or mashing the potatoes too much — but not so dense that they were heavy and inedible. Far from it. Mopping up the indulgent maple cinnamon brown butter sauce with each delicious bite, we ate the entire [halved] batch!

Our gnocchi-making skills are young, but we intend to practice. And anyways, an imperfect meal can still have a incredible flavor and character. Julia Child knew exactly how to rescue a poorly flipped omelet or a broken sauce: serve it anyway, with flair, with confidence, without apology, and with a hearty Bon appétit! [I need to work on the not apologizing bit…]

Good thing supper was light [and very, very tasty!]. Bon appetit!