It’s about time we got around to some festive baking! To thwart nosy relatives and friends who might be poking around in hopes of discovering their Christmas presents, some of the recipes must remain secret until after the holidays. There is one non-present — present for us is more like it — that I can post about now…

I made a big [6 cups of flour big] batch of Irma Rombauer’s gingerbread cookie dough to build our first house together. Back in high school I created a gingerbread bird house in Senior Foods class, and I won first place in a region-wide contest for most creative! Too bad I don’t have that photo… you could’ve seen 17-year old me! I promise I’ll hunt for it.

There was [go figure] a ton of dough leftover. We couldn’t resist baking a few plain cookies, in hand-carved shapes, to have with milk.

As for our miniature domicile, it’s a mountain cottage in the woods. Snow-covered and cozy.

“Had I but one penny in the world, thou shouldst have it for gingerbread.”

– Love’s Labor Lost, William Shakespeare