As you know, we celebrated Christmas over the weekend. Present opening was in the morning before breakfast, both from each other and from his parents, who thoughtfully sent our gifts here.

The finds of the year for me were his Christmas and anniversary gifts: this spectacular tortilla press from Mexico and a well-seasoned comal

When we moved to Texas, we jumped head first into the local Mexican cuisine, mostly from the Jalisco region. The thick hand made tortillas we received as a part of every meal were far superior to anything bought at the grocery store. Several attempts in our kitchen to make our own version were tasty, but they always ended up shaped like Germany or Austria, a few like Italy. It took me seven antique stores but I got both the press and the pan. Tested this afternoon [duck hash tacos], they’re spectacular.

And here are our Christmas presents from his parents: a lovely set of boxes delivered to our door with Giada’s Everyday Pasta, the The Pasta Bible, a pasta drying rack and two Kitchen Aid stand mixer attachments — the pasta roller and food [we all know it’s for meat] grinder. Yay!

I also got an incredible Christmas surprise from him. Something I truly was not expecting. A Pentax digital SLR camera!

Thank you everyone! We leave for home tomorrow — meeeep!!!