Wednesday morning he and I said goodbye to my sister Rachel and her boyfriend Nick. After four days together, it’s strange to see the loveseat empty and be playing two-person cribbage again. It was wonderful to share food, laughter and to just enjoy spending time with loved ones from far away!

Over our fast few days, we did simple things like lunch at Mi Tierra in San Antonio and tour around town to see the sights, like Mission San José:

birdwatch at various locations, spying roseate spoonbills, coots, cormorants, egrets, great blue herons, whooping cranes, pelicans, plovers:

meander along the foggy beach at Padre Island National Seashore, gingerly stepping around the shored up jellies; grab breakfast from the local donut & taco place where patrons are regulars and know the brothers by name (thanks to tacotopia for the tip):

There was homemade pizza [veg & cheese + sausage & onion], our version of Rach’s favorite Palermo lemon custard dry-aged steak, Texas BBQ at Mac’s chipotle tomato posole, a trip to Whataburger, homemade bread and lots of eggs for breakfast.

But the highlight of the trip was when the sun finally broke free of the clouds, letting them enjoy the warmth of Corpus and forget for a bit that they’d be returning to cold temperatures and mountains of snow.

Rach and Nick — thanks for coming down. I’m happy we could host and hope to do it again soon! [Without the horrible return flight debacles!]