I’m exhausted. Fully. Mental and physical me are tired.

I happily remember a previous job. Then it was repetitive work at a bakery, with freshly fried doughnut and warm bread breaks. Now that’s a job. Today I spend my weeks at the hospital. Constantly wrapping my brain around diagnoses, estimated nutrition needs, recommended feeding methods, diets. Aiming always to provide the best nutrition prescription for each and every patient. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn I [speed]walk several miles each day.

All at once the days are invigorating, rewarding and draining. Nevertheless I’m still happy to even have work. Only now I’m all the more excited to see Friday roll around. The weekend comes and I simply want to melt away for a moment.

Three simple ingredients are all it takes. Eggs, prosciutto, asparagus. Reminds me of the bacon asparagus sandwich I gushed about. One of my more perfect poached eggs atop roasted asparagus, a crispy piece of prosciutto to top it all. What could have made this better? A drizzle of pesto? Or nothing. It’s so good.

with toasted bread, please

Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy the glorious weekend!