Risotto and champagne are associated with memorable moments and celebration. I now not only believe the two were destined to be at the same meal, but also in the same dish

With bubbly glasses of the same champagne, tinted pink from floating strawberries, it’s a feast of special magnificence.

Special magnificence. Two words to describe our perfect weekend.

We drove to the Island and wandered onto the beach a little before sunrise.

I snapped photos as we took in the birds, the roar of an angry ocean and the salmon-hued sun rising up from behind the billowy clouds.

Down on one knee with a dainty ring, he made me his fiancée.

It was exactly what I hoped for, and still, it was a total surprise.

From the first conversation, I knew he’d be in my life for a long time.

So break out the CHAMPAGNE, and everyone, meet Dan, my husband-to-be.

I find myself smiling. A lot. Can he and I get engaged every weekend?