It’s been 53 days since I last updated So sorry for being a delinquent blogger. Life has been hectic:

His first portion of flight training concluded in late June — an accomplishment for which I’m awfully proud of his hard work and patience. As it goes, the second training block is at a new base, meaning relocation to Florida.

The initial move went well; house hunting not so much. The only ‘livable’ option was a house in Bagdad [yes, that’s the name] that would be occupied for another week and a half — six days after we were expected in Milwaukee.

Griping and sweating in the hot summer sun, we emptied our belongings into a storage unit before driving north, ruing the repeat pack and unload.

Almost as soon as we arrived home, an airplane whisked us to Boston for a week-long holiday exploring Maine’s stunning downeast coast.

Happily back in Wisconsin, a visit was considerably overdue The datebook quickly filled with family barbecues, an engagement/birthday fish fry, farmers markets and outdoor plays, wedding dress shopping, staying afloat during the storm bonfires and s’mores, winery tours and tastings, wedding venue hunting [success], meeting old and new friends, and a trip to Wilke Lake complete with the squeakiest cheese curds I’ve ever sunk my teeth into.

Our two families met one final time on Sunday night before the reverse long haul. We left late with bellies full of Hup’s pizza homemade garlic herb bread and lemon squares, honking and waving as we left, wishing we could’ve stayed a few days longer. But oh the memories!

Florida is home sweet [new] home [again]. We’re already giving the kitchen and a new charcoal grill a workout. I’ll have squirrel bread up in no time.

Thanks for not forgetting about me!