Good Morning! I hope this post finds you well and relaxed from the weekend. Over here we’re covered in tape, newspaper ink, spackling paste and bruises — all systems go for a familiar road trip.

(Nine [bruises] by the way, but who’s counting.)

Have you ever moved cross-country, or nearly so? Were you calm and collected, or did the hair-pulling commence before mile fifty? When it comes to vacation travel, I’m extremely seasoned; when travel involves towing all of our worldly possessions, I admit stress sometimes gets the better of me.

Something sentimental shatters, the car runs out of gas, or patience wears thin stuck in traffic on a swamp bridge that never ends — shutting down is so much easier than keeping cool. Tips? Tricks?

The plan, if a shutdown seems imminent, is to imagine my toes wiggling in white powdery sand, warm waves washing up, a gentle breeze curling around me and that soothing sound of a calm ocean.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then it could be a while between posts. Have a wonderful week!

+ + + + +

And because distance doesn’t permit us to be together, I want to wish my mother happiness on this special day. Many love-filled ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes to you, Maman!