Aside from our destination, the only place we knew was a must on our journey along Texas’ Highway 59 was Hinze’s Bar-B-Q — a relocation tradition.

Pull off at Wharton and you notice an unassuming BBQ joint with a parking lot full of trucks and semis parked along the frontage road. If the winds are in your favor, the sweet smell of pecan-smoked meats.

After carefully choosing the perfect combination of meats and sides, you take a seat in what can only be described as a tasteful melange of classic diner kitsch and country western collectibles. It really does make the smoked beef, pork, sausage, pinto beans, mustard greens, homemade bread, onion rings and fried okra taste better. (Why yes, that was our order.)

Hinze’s is an experience. It’s definitely some of Texas’ best barbecued beef and pork, and the sides, particularly the pintos and mustard greens, are IN-credible. Second to none. (I also hear great things about their pecan and towering meringue pies.)

Moving isn’t all bad — there are exciting, delicious times to look forward to as well! One more opportunity when we relocate to North Carolina in six months or so. God bless Texas and pecan wood!