It’s a bit surreal sitting in our temporary condo, close enough to the Atlantic to see and hear the waves crashing onto the white sands of North Carolina’s coast.

The initial go-ahead to relocate from Texas was a long time coming. The trip itself a bona fide comedy of errors. The first week here mostly eight and nine-hour days spent driving all over kingdom come with the realtor, ducking in homes, walking lots and staring at a computer screen. Finally now, a respite.

We didn’t plan our arrival around the holiday, but as I’m apt as ever to lose track of time lately, to look up and wonder where the hours, days, states flew off to, the long weekend couldn’t be more welcome.

Indeed, I’m thoroughly relishing these few completely unscheduled days to zone out. No mortgage calculators, no floor plans, no frustration when we don’t find what we’re looking for. Not even the throngs of screeching, sun-burned vacationers can hamper my relaxation.

Before I return to tranquil sounds of the ocean on the balcony, wishes to all of you for a safe and happy Memorial Day. To all who serve and have served this great nation, thank you. To those families who support and remember, thank you, too.