Many of you have just begun the cooking and preparation in advance of tomorrow’s holiday. I presume some of you have been knee-deep in turkey, stuffing, cranberries, root vegetables and pies for days now.

Not so here. This Thanksgiving marks the beginning of our house move. Or, it should be the beginning, but those thoughtful county inspectors felt we needed more time to bid farewell to the rental.

Meanwhile, we’ve no smoker for our traditional bird and, even if we did, no one in town to share with.

That’s why we are so thankful for dear friends extending an invitation to supper tomorrow. All we have to do is take a drive, offer gifts of wine and marinated olives, sit down and enjoy the cooking of others.

Here’s to a happy Thanksgiving. To all of you. To all our families. To my most caring and adoring husband. I hope it is a holiday filled with delicious food and drink, and connecting with those you love.